The Perfect Location For Your Events

A vacation on the Turquoise Coast is much more than a simple stay in Turkey. There are many experiences we can organize for you, such as walking tours or wine tours. Come in the fall and participate in the vendemia or winemaking season, including a day of grape picking. Go truffle hunting one morning with a guide and his dog and then enjoy a meal with the collected truffles or collect olives one day and then watch olive oil being made and take away some oil from the olives you helped collect.


A wedding venue with a unique view of the Butterfly Valley

Our location is in the traditional village of Faralya with a beautiful view of the Butterfly Valley, the view (around sunset) is truly magnificent! The valley is surrounded by steep cliffs of 350 meters and owes its name to more than 80 species of butterflies (especially the tiger butterfly is very famous). The waterfall flows from a height of 50 meters and reaches the Mediterranean Sea with a stream that runs through the middle of the valley. On a private terrace, we are happy to organize your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, with impeccable customized service,

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Celebrate life

The breathtaking atmosphere at Lycianwayhouses and our team’s experience will make sure that you will celebrate and enjoy to the fullest any happy occasion. At Lycian Way Houses, we offer a well-equipped venue for your birthday party, business meeting or any other event that you and your guests will cherish for life!

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